Fixed Restoration

Implants made easy, no parts, one price!

 Simple to prescribe

  • Send a fixture-level impression with an impression coping, an opposing model and a bite
  • Choose your custom digital abutment: Titanium, Gold Hue, or Zirconia
  • Custom digital will laser scan the master casts and then design and custom mill an ideal abutment
  • Choose your crown, coping or temporary – and that’s it!!

No doctor-supplied or lab ordered parts

No need to size, order, stock, ship, or track implant components, they are included!

Truly Complete – Our Simple Implant Restoration Includes

  • Abutment screw
  • Abutment anti-rotation placement Jig/Transfer guide
  • Custom digital custom CAD/CAM abutment
  • Laboratory analog
  • All working models
  • Soft tissue model
  • 100% technical support
  • 100% Customer service