Smile Shapers Aligners

Fabricated out of Zendura, a biocompatible thermoplastic, our produsts are virtually invisible, durable, and comfortable. All aligners are expertly designed and created to ensure their precision and durability. Patients are astonished by how seamlessly their aligners blend in with their teeth and their life.

  • Removable: Traditional orthodontic braces complicate cleaning, eating, and are only removable by the doctor. Our aligners easily snap on and off patient’s teeth and simplify tasks, such as maintenance and eating.
  • Transparent: Fabricated out of a clear resin, our aligners disappear on top of dentition. Completely unnoticeable, your patients will never have to deal with unseemly stains as long as they follow the simple cleaning guidelines.

Effective: Our products are fabricated to have unparalleled strength and invisibility, so that patients will never have to worry about noticeable cracks or stains.

Economical: Our clear aligners help you save money by offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional braces and reducing valuable chair time.