Prodenco Group Inc. has been an active Technical Research Consortium (TEREC) Member since the its inception in 1984. Prodenco is also one of the founding members of the organization. TEREC is a select group of independently owned regional dental laboratories strategically located throughout North America. We are truly dedicated in our mission to bring leading edge technology to the dentists that we serve. Our overall goal is to assist our clients in offering the highest level of dentistry in our regions.

Prodenco Dental Labs Group is a Terec Member


TEREC is a strategic alliance of North American full service regional dental laboratories which serves as a resource and counsel to promote the business success of its members.

This is accomplished by a high level of membership commitment and participation by openly sharing technical, management, financial and marketing information among its members.

Building strong cooperative relationships with industry leaders is vital to the success of dental labs. We are proud to assess, research, develop and evaluate current and emerging technologies and processes.